The LA Fitness Expo is January 23-24

January 18, 2010


It comes once a year. No, it's not the annoying aunt from upstate, it's much cooler. The LA Fitness Expo will be in LA (duh!) on January 23-24. Lots of cool vendors with tons of awesome supplements, information and, of course, high-profile guest appearances. Who will be on the superstar guest list? Check out the laundry list below.

WHEN: January 23-24
WHERE: Los Angeles Convention Center
FOR MORE INFO: http://www.thefitexpo.com/

  • 3 Time Mr. Olympia JAY CUTLER (courtesy of Weider Publications)
  • 8 Time Ms. Olympia LENDA MURRAY (courtesy of PRO PTA)
  • The Incredible Hulk, actor/legendary bodybuilder LOU FERRIGNO
  • IFBB Pro BOB CICHERILLO (courtesy of Bodybuilding.com)
  • IFBB Pro DENNIS JAMES (courtesy of PRO PTA)
  • IFBB Pro, "The German Beast" MARKUS RUHL (courtesy of Ultimate Nutrition)
  • Mr. Olympia SAMIR BANNOUT (courtesy of PRO PTA)
  • IFBB Pro MELVIN ANTHONY (courtesy of PRO PTA)
  • IFBB Pro BEN WHITE (courtesy Nutrabolics)
  • IFBB Pro HIDETADA YAMAGISHI (courtesy Gaspari Nutritiion)
    2009 IFBB New York Women's Pro 1st Place Winner CATHEY LeFRANCOIS (courtesy of Gaspari Nutrition)
    2009 IFBB Atlantic City Pro -202 & Under 1st Place Winner FLEX LEWIS (courtesy of Gaspari Nutrition)
  • 2009 NPC Eastern USA Figure Overall Champion AVA COWAN (courtesy of Gaspari Nutrition)
  • 4 Time Mr. Natural Universe & American Gladiator Star MICHAEL O'HEARN (courtesy of Bodybuilding.com)
  • IFBB Figure Pro KRISSY CHIN (courtesy of Gaspari Nutrition)
  • NPC Bikini Competitor JANAEE ADAMS (courtesy of Optimum Nutrition)
  • New IFBB Pro MARK ALVISI (courtesy of Gaspari Nutrition)
    Champion Bodybuilder of Pumping Iron fame ED CORNEY (courtesy of PRO PTA)
  • IFBB Pro BRANDON "The Prodigy" CURRY (courtesy BSN)
  • 2008 Los Angeles Fittest Couple Winner DENA ANNE WEINER (courtesy of PRO PTA in association with FIT GIRL WEAR)
  • IFBB Bikini Pro MICHELE D'ANGONA (courtesy of PRO PTA in association with FIT GIRL WEAR)
  • NPC Bikini Competitor STACEY NAITO (courtesy of PRO PTA in association with FIT GIRL WEAR)
  • NPC Figure Competitor ALI HARRIS (courtesy of PRO PTA in association with FIT GIRL WEAR)
  • NPC Figure Competitor REYHANEH TAMAYO (courtesy of PRO PTA)
  • IFBB Figure Pro SONIA GONZALES (courtesy of PRO PTA)
  • IFBB Figure Pro ALICIA HARRIS (courtesy of Optimum Nutrition)
  • Fitness Pro BRENDA KELLY
  • Fitness Champion/Model/Media Personality ALICIA MARIE (courtesy BSN)
  • NPC Top 5 National Level Figure Competitor PRUDENCE MOE (courtesy Optimum Nutrition)
  • 2 Time Miss Fitness America Champion SHERLYN ROY (courtesy Bodybuilding.com)
  • 2008 FLEX Bikini Model Winner KATHLEEN TESORI (courtesy of Champion Nutrition)
  • Actor Model ADAM TRAHAN (courtesy Optimum Nutrition)
  • NPC Bodybuilder/Model TOBIAS YOUNG (courtesy of Optimum Nutrition)
  • IFBB Pro PETER PUTNAM (courtesy Champion Nutrition)


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