60 Seconds to Fit

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Episode 18

What's the best triceps routine for big gains?




Episode 17

What exercises should I do to build a more massive back?




Episode 16

If "abs are made in the kitchen", do I still need to train them?



Episode 15

How do I pack on muscle mass while staying lean?




Episode 14

Is it best to do cardio before my first meal?




Episode 13

Should I do cardio before or after weight training?




Episode 12

How often should I change up my workout routine?




Episode 11

What are your favorite serratus exercises?




Episode 10

Should I do high or low reps for huge gains?




Episode 9

How do I add maximum size to my arms?




Episode 8

Do I need post-workout nutrition to build muscle?




Episode 7

How can I get my stubborn calves to grow?




Episode 6

Are dumbbell presses or barbell presses better for maximum chest development?



Episode 5

Should I do decline presses for a bigger chest?




Episode 4

How Can I Add More Size to My Biceps?




Episode 3

Is Traditional Bodybuilding-Style Training Outdated?




Episode 2

Should I Incorporate Crossfit-Style Training?




Episode 1

Should I Use the "If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM)" Method of Dieting?








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