NPC athlete Al Auguste reflects on the tragedy of his homeland

By Shawn Perine

January 27, 2010


As the death toll in Haiti continues to rise and the outpouring of international support for the survivors of January 12th's 7.0 magnitude quake continues, we once again bring attention to a bodybuilding brother directly affected by the tragedy.

Last week we brought you the story of IFBB pro Jocelyn Jean, who lost family members to Haiti's earthquake of January 12th and who is raising funds for a trip home, to help his countrymen. This week we turn our attention to fellow Haitian Al Auguste, a top amateur competitor who, based on recent performances, seems poised to turn pro. Like Jocelyn, Al lost several family members to the temblor while several more are missing, their status not known. Also like Jocelyn, Al feels the pain of his countrymen in his own heart.

"It's devastating," he says. "There aren't any words that can describe what I'm feeling when I think about it. I watch CNN at night, but just for a few minutes. Then I have to turn it off. It's just too heartbreaking to watch.

Auguste continues, "But it's not just for my family — it's for everyone there. It's a tragedy on such a huge scale with so many people affected. I feel for them all."

If you haven't already done so, there's still plenty of opportunity to help the Haitian relief effort. Plus, while there's been a flurry of donating over the past couple of weeks, the drop off in contributions as the memory of the earthquake begins to recede will be steep. Please consider giving to any of the following reputable charities.

Hopital Albert Schweitzer Haiti:
Hope for Haiti:
Happy Hearts Fund: