Mike Salazar is a former Marine Corps Infantry officer that servers with 3/9 and 1st Recon. Built out National telecom networks and ran global IT departments, Mike took a hobby and built a reputation on technically leading the bodybuilding industry via developing Muscle Mayhem, Muscular Development and other popular websites. Enthusiastic about melding technology with the fan base, Mike is always looking for ways to improve a user's experience.

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An IFBB Pro Show to Join the 2014 BodyPower Expo

BodyPower is proud to announce the introduction of an IFBB Pro Show at the 2014 expo. In a major coup for the ever-evolving BodyPower Expo, the official IFBB sanctioned BodyPower Pro will be the only pro show taking place in the UK.
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2013 Arnold Classic Europe Contest Info

Arnold Classic Europe is a joint venture between Gov. Schwarzenegger, Lorimer, Arnold Sports Festival co-promoter, and Dr. Rafael Santonja, the president of the International Federation of Body Building.
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Kai Greene Update 7 weeks Out

IFBB Pro Kai Greene is on a mission to accomplish the one goal he has yet to achieve. But the only way to get there is through dedication and hard work. Can you hang with the Predator?
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2013 PBW Tampa Pro Bodybuilding PreJudging Report

As predicted, the 2013 PBW Tampa Pro Open Men Division was going to be as exciting as any other great bodybuilding contest. We were expecting large names like Essa Obiad, Lionel Beyeke, Bill Wilmore, Mohammed Ali Bannout, Lee Banks and Juan Morel
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