FLEX-BUILT Challenge

The ultimate 6-week program for packing on lean muscle

It's time to light the fuse and launch the biggest gains of your life.  FLEX Magazine & Gaspari Nutrition have teamed up to bring you the FLEX-BUILT Challenge - the ultimate 6-week program for packing on lean muscle. 

With a promise like that, we couldn't deliver just any old program - this one had to tried, tested, and proven by results! So we looked to 2x Olympia 212 Champion Flex Lewis for the plan he used to pack on a pile of muscle this winter before starting his preparations for the first-ever Arnold Classic 212.  Now we're sharing his complete training, nutrition, and supplement program so you can build muscle like and Olympia champion!

We'll get started tomorrow with the FLEX-BUILT Meal & Supplement Plan. This is the real plan Flex used during his off-season and we've included every detail right down to the last gram!  Click here to see the complete FLEX-BUILT Meal & Supplement Plan.

PART 1 of the training program features complete workouts for each body part to take you through the first 3 weeks of the challenge (click here to check download the workouts). The training plan features the Y3T system developed by Flex's trainer, Neil Hill and each week the workouts change so you'll never get bored and your body never adapts. Check back right here on Friday for the complete training program.

If this isn't enough, to help you get started and keep growing, every week Gaspari Nutrition is going to give away 3 bottles of one of the products listed in the program.  All you've got to do is head over to the FLEX Facebook page, "like" the give-away post, and leave a comment about why you deserve to win.  Click here to see FLEX on Facebook and enter this week's Gaspari giveaway!

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