After an exhausting Saturday prejudging, it looks like it will be a rerun at the Montreal Pro. This year, however, the ending will be slightly different, as it could be Darrem Charles edging past Johnnie Jackson for the win.

Charles, Jackson, Chris Cormier and Quincy Taylor appear to be the top four at the show, with Troy Alves on the outside looking in at an Olympia qualification. The top three at the contest will qualify for the Olympia, but since Charles has already qualified, whoever finishes fourth will grab the third bid. As has been the case since the Arnold Classic, the judging panel did a thorough job in terms of comparing the competition. At the end of the prejudging, Charles and Jackson were called out along in a likely preview of the top two. The judges then put them back in the lineup and called out Cormier and Taylor.

Charles, Jackson and Taylor finished 1-2-3 at this contest a year ago. Charles was slightly off conditioning-wise in 2006, but that was not the case today as Charles took the stage as the best conditioned competitor show. That should be enough to put him ahead of Jackson and give him a professional win for the sixth consecutive year. Jackson was much improved from his earlier showing this year (8th at the Keystone Classic in June), but still not as sharp as he was when winning this contest a year ago.

Cormier, competing in nearly two years after a severe back injury almost ended his career, and Taylor will likely battle it out for third. Cormier looked a little flat early, but seemed to improve as the prejudging went on. Taylor, meanwhile, was much improved from his showing at the Europa Super Show a month ago but still lacked the razor-sharp conditioning he showed at these shows in 2006.

Check back tonight for final results.

First Callout
Quincy Taylor, Darrem Charles, Frederick Sauvage, Chris Cormier, Johnnie Jackson

First Callout
Quincy Taylor, Darrem Charles, Frederick Sauvage, Chris Cormier, Johnnie Jackson

Second Callout
King Kamali, Fouad Abiad, Troy Alves, Joel Stubbs

Third Callout
Mike Asiedu, Jeff Long, Steve Nemeth, Simon Voyer

Fourth Callout
Darrem Charles, Frederick Sauvage, Fouad Abiad, Troy Alves

Fifth Callout
Johnnie Jackson, Troy Alves, Quincy Taylor, Chris Cormier

Sixth Callout
Darrem Charles, Chris Cormier, Johnnie Jackson, Quincy Taylor

2007 Montreal Pro
Competitor List and Gallery Links

1. Simon Voyer

2. Quincy Taylor

3. Mike Asiedu

4. Daniele Seccarecci

5. Darrem Charles

6. Patrick Skailes

7. King Kamali

8. Steve Nemeth

9. Frederic Sauvage

10. Chris Cormier

11. Fouad Abiad

12. Troy Alves

13. Jocelyn Pelletier

14. Amin Faour

15. Tommi Thorvildsen

16. Tua Dexter

17. Fedel Clarke

18. Troy Brown

19. Johnnie Jackson

20. Joel Stubbs

21. Arnaud Plaisant

22. Jeff Long

23. Christian Lubarede


Photos by Michael Mader


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