NPC Los Angeles slated for this Saturday

July 18, 2008


Want an early preview for who's going to emerge at the USAs in Las Vegas next weekend? Keep an eye on the 2008 NPC Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships this Saturday. In four of the last six years, the overall winner from Los Angeles has gone on to make his mark at the USAs in either the same year or the year after.

Richard Jones started it off in 2002, winning the heavyweight and overall at the LA and then repeating the feat at the USAs a year later. In 2003, it was Mark Dudgale winning the light heavies and overall at at the LA, then matching the feat a year later at the USAs. In 2004, Will Harris won the Super Heavies and overall in LA and won the Supers and the second pro card, along with Dugdale, at the USAs.

WHAT: 2008 NPC Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships
WHERE: Veteran's Memorial Auditorium, Culver City CA
WHEN: Saturday, July 19
TIME: Prejudging at 11 am PST, Finals at 6:30 pm PST
FOR MORE INFO: Go to www.musclecontest.com

Men's Bodybuilding
Paul Howe

Daniel Mees
Jimmy Nguyen
Tony Boone
Alvin Lo
Carlo Villesenda
Keisuke Yoshida

Jamie Allen
George Baca
Nathan Barez
David Bitner
Mike Brown
Eric Kaufmann
John Noonan
Lorenzo Reynaldo
Chris Tierney

Arleigh Bumanglag
Daniel CeBaca
Andy Chapman
David Marlow
Rich Moran
Rocky Nehk
Anthony Schnautz
Danny Seibert
Larry Shirly
Eddie Wilson

Armon Adibi
Derek Duszynski
Brady Johnston
Gustavo   Llamas
Jim Reyes
Robert Saurer
John Zoldis

Nick Fagiano
Khanjo Hakeem

Women's Bodybulding
Tomefafa Ameko

Shila Schell
Tina Zampa

Brandy Randolph

Class A
Shellie Campbell
Brandy Randolph
Rosalind Vail
Venus Nguyen

Class B
Cindy Beard
Stacey Byrne
Laurie Costa
Abi Landman
Crystal Lowery
Laura Noblin

Class C
Susanna Backman
Marinela Bautista
Lori Brooks
Jashmine Brown
Georgia Callan
Nichole Guenther
Selma McPherson
Shanda Ross
Nina Heckathorn
Leah Perkins

Class D
Valerie Carlino
Amy O'Neil
Andrea Romero
Robyne Roveccio-Palmer
Michelle Welsh
April Bagner

Class E
Katrina Boehm
Lisa Lynn   Calhoun
Yvonne Howell
Alissa Parker
Jessica Rinaldi
Rebecca   Timms
Nikki Key
Natalie Leon
Lourdes Luviano
Tracy Murphy

Class F
Jessica Bunch-Rindels
Jessica Perey
Andrea Rosenfeld
Hillary Skahan