Can Dave Henry take a second 202 title?

September 26, 2009


Men's bodybuilding got off to an early start today with the 10:30am commencement of the 202 Showdown prejudging as several contestants served a wakeup call to defending 202 O champ Dave Henry that a second title isn't his for the taking.

While Henry possesses an unbeatable combination of size and shape his conditioning isn't what it's been in past years, which could leave the door open for the man who placed second to him in '08, Kevin English.

With a Sergioesque shoulder-to-waist ratio and shadow-casting pecs, English is an awesome sight in certain poses, yet not exactly aesthetic in others. One thing's for sure though - he brought the conditioning, and it may be enough to give him the edge.

Two men who should be considered for the top spot are Brazil's Eduardo Correa and the ever-popular Mark Dugdale. Both men brought their A-games today, with striated glutes, deeply etched hams and veins galore. Correa appears as a slightly larger version of Dugdale, yet Mark shows marginally better lines. Although the callouts don't seem to show it, either man could be awarded the title and few in the audience would complain.

A pre-contest favorite, James "Flex" Lewis didn't quite meet the high expectations placed upon him. While not exactly "off" - his glutes are the most etched of the show - he appeared a little flat, especially in the pecs.

Rookie Jose Raymond also made the show's first callout and while he certainly possesses the mass required to stand beside the veterans, his conditioning was spotty.

A case could easily be made for Jason Arntz, who was in his lifetime best shape, to have made the first callout, but as it stands he may be looking at a sixth place finish.

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