Silvio Samuel solid in 2009 bodybuilding season opener

by Dave Lee

January 24, 2009


The 2009 bodybuilding season is officially under way as prejudging for the Ironman Pro concluded with Silvio Samuel emerging as the overwhelming favorite at the first show of the new year. Samuel brought all his famous round, full muscle bellies coupled with crisp conditioning from every angle and should be able to power his way to the top when it is all said and done.

Germany's Ronny Rockel, with his thick, compact proportions is a strong candidate for second. But Mo El Moussawi, with his improved back and size is pushing him hard for that runner-up position. Battling his way into the mix from what looked like a probable sixth place was Hidetada Yamagishi, with a much thicker back than his previous outing at the 2008 Atlantic City Pro, and his usual tight conditioning.

The surprise of the show was Mohammad Bannout - yes, Sammir Bannout's cousin - with probably the most shredded physique in the lineup. Ahmad Haidar, back from a long absence, made a strong showing with his usual smooth lines and deep, ravioli thick abs. Marcus Haley and Mark Dugdale are in a tight battle for spots six and seven, with Eddie Abbew - sporting a lighter but tighter physique - bringing up the final placings. With the top five earning early Olympia qualifications, it's shaping up to be a fierce battle tonight.

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