Top pros drop their picks for the 2009 New York Pro and New York Pro 202 and under

By Team FLEX

May 14, 2009



Our online preview of the 2009 IFBB New York Pro continues as the pros tell you who they think will walk away with the big slice of the pie and why.

BOB CICHERILLO, IFBB Athlete Representative
Winner: Silvio Samuel
Why: He's the highest ranking guy and he's beaten everybody in this lineup before.

202 winner: David Henry
Why: He's a class above the rest of the 202 guys. But this division is heating up and it's gonna be interesting to see what happens at the Olympia 202 Showdown.

RONNIE COLEMAN, 1998-2005 Mr. Olympia
Winner: Dennis James
Why: I saw Dennis at FIBO and he was by far the biggest I've ever seen him - and shredded to the bone. He's a seasoned veteran and he's hungry for the win.

202 winner: David Henry
Why: He's always shredded and for this class, he's one big boy. He knows how to make an impact. Both David and Dennis will head into the Olympia with momentum.

BRANDON CURRY, 2008 NPC USA Heavyweight and overall winner
Winner: Silvio Samuel
Why: He was not happy after the Arnold Classic so I'm sure he'll bring the pain. His conditioning is on so he should stand out in this show.

202 winner: David Henry
Why: He wants to erase his loss to Kevin English at last year's show. He's on a mission to prove that he's the world's best 202 and under bodybuilder.

JAY CUTLER, 2006-07 Mr. Olympia
Winner: Evan Centopani
Why: He's big, ripped and has a great frame.

202 winner: David Henry
Why: Carries lots of muscle, has the condition and he's the Olympia 202 champ.

TONEY FREEMAN, 2009 Arnold Classic, 4th place
Winner: Silvio Samuel
Why: He'll be in shape. As the highest ranking pro in the show, you have to think he's taking it home.

202 winner: David Henry
Why: He's the Olympia 202 Showdown champ and I just know he's gonna be on. Game over, baby!

DEXTER JACKSON, 2008 Mr. Olympia
Winner: Dennis James
Why: He's got good shape, gets hard and he's really brought his waist down. Plus, he's still got the size advantage.

202 winner: David Henry
Why: Best 202 dude in the world. End of story!

FLEX LEWIS, 2008 Europa Super Show 202 Champion
Winner: Dennis James
Why: New York likes freaks, so if Dennis is dialed in, he might edge it out.

202 winner: David Henry
Why: He wants redemption for English beating him last year.

PETER PUTNAM, 2008 NPC Nationals, light-heavyweight winner
Winner: Silvio Samuel
Why: Based on his recent placings, he's the top contender. Even though structurally some guys could give him a push, it will be hard to place ahead of Sil if he is the most conditioned guy there.

202 winner: David Henry
Why: Henry's beaten English, but we can't forget English bested Henry at this very same show a year ago. This will be a dog fight, but I predict Henry comes out on top.



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