2013 FIBO Prejudging Report - Fitness and Bodybuilding

At the end of the 2013 FIBO Semi-Finals, we have a good idea of the top 3 to 5 placements.

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The 2013 FIBO Power is half-way over.  The Expo has been well under way and Fitness and Mens Bodybuilding pre-judging has just finished.

The Fitness Division was presented first with a total of 10 very fit ladies followed by a field of international professional bodybuilders.

FIBO Pro Fitness

In the first callout, we had:
- Bethany Cisternino
- Regiane Da Silva
- Ryal Graber
- Whiney Jones
- Kizzy Vaines

Cisternino was placed in the middle with Da Silva and Graber on either side of , indicating to me that Cisternino is in first place with Da Silva trailing in second and Graber in third.

What amazes me about fitness is not only do these ladies have to diet and physically look amazing, they also harness the energy to perform these amazing acrobatic stunts on stage while dieted down. Cisternino by far carries the best aesthetics. Beautiful and symmetrical, it's no wonder why she will win this evening.

FIBO Pro Men Bodybuilding

Johnnie Jackson came to Germany to defend his 2012 FIBO title. Jackson needed to hold off Toney Freeman and Cedric McMillan. Fortunately for Jackson, Freeman pulled out last week. The problem, though, is McMillan has worked hard between shows, improving his conditioning from the 2013 Arnold Classic and coming to Cologne with the freakiness we expect from this active duty Army Master Sergeant. Still, McMillan could look a bit better but it was enough to stand out from the rest of his opponents.

Jackson has looked better. With his lower body not as tight this show, it allowed the tired and traveling Ed Nunn to look a little better than him on stage, with Nunn possibly placing second after McMillan.

First Callout:
- Cedric McMillan
- Johnnie Jackson
- Ed Nunn
- Ronny Rockel
- Robert Piotrkowicz

In the second callout, we have two of my personal favorites, Jeff Long and An Nguyen. These two young men will be leading the professional bodybuilding field in the future, but for now I think Jeff Long is being overlooked. He has a young Jay Cutler physique that will be unbeatable in the future. An Nguyen has one of the best flowing physiques on stage. A bit more size and conditioning will propel him to a top five finish.

Second Callout
- Jeff Long
- Michael Kefalianos
- An Nguyen
- Zaher Moukahal
- Daniel Toth

Third Callout

- Baito Abbaspour
- Naime Atienza
- Dainus Barzinskas
- Anton Breznik
- Vincente Martinez
- Mo Bannout

Fourth Callout
- Robert Piotrkowicz
- Daniel Toth
- Ronny Rockel
- Zaher Moukahal

Fifth Callout
- Cedric McMillan
- Ed Nunn
- Johnnie Jackson
- Ronny Rockel

Again, based on the final callout, it looks like Cedric McMillan will be your new champion followed by Ed Nunn and then Johnnie Jackson followed by Ronny Rockel in fourth.

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