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Branch Warren Guest Posing 2013 Europa Expo

At 16 weeks out from the 2013 Mr Olympia, Branch Warren Guest Poses in Hartford.

IFBB Pro Branch Warren took 5th place last year at the 2012 Mr Olympia. Always gunning for first place, Warren took a step back to evaluate his next steps.

Based on his 2012 performance, Warren has made a few changes that should bring a different physique to the Olympia stage. Branch Warren dropped George Farah as his contest preparation coach and he's changed his style of lifting from going super heavy to more volume.

Based on what you see below, does Branch Warren have what it takes to place in the Top 6 at the 2013 Olympia? He's going head to head against two-time Mr Olympia Phil Heath, former Mr Olympia Jay Cutler, former Mr Olympia Dexter Jackson, second place Mr Olympia Kai Greene, third place Mr Olympia Shawn Rhoden as well against the huge Dennis Wolf and the even bigger, Big Ramy.

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