The 2007 contest season has yet to kick off, and many in the IFBB have yet to pull out of the garage on the road to the Olympia. But that didn’t stop the top two bodybuilders in the world from firing the first shots in anticipation of another rematch.

In a recent development, Ronnie Coleman appeared on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, the popular bodybuilding radio show, to offer his take on the 2006 Olympia, in which Cutler dethroned the eight-time champ. During the program, broadcast on January 8, Coleman went on record in saying that he felt the outcome, in part, was an attempt to create interest in the 2007 Olympia and that it was he, not Cutler, who was the best man on stage that weekend.

Apparently, the new champ didn't take kindly to the former champ's lack of respect. During the following week's broadcast, on January 15, listeners were treated to a surprise cameo from Jay Cutler. Cutler pointed out that he finished as the Olympia runner-up to Coleman four times, but took each loss in stride. The reigning Mr. O expressed disappointment in hearing Coleman’s comments now that the tables have turned and fired a shot of his own back at Coleman, saying, "Ronnie needs to just realize that he isn't winning the show like he was back in 2003 or 1998." To hear more of what each had to say, check out the replays at www.bodybuildingradio.com".


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