DLB's Warhouse Gym Camp

FLEXonline is gearing up for a weekend with Ms. Olympia
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This weekend FLEXonline is on the road heading to Leesport, PA for Dana Linn Bailey's WARHOUSE CAMP!  We couldn't turn down a chance to see DLB's hardcore training and learn from the first-ever Women's Physique Ms. Olympia and we're excited to check out Dana's WARHOUSE GYM and the Flag nor Fail headquaters.   Plus, you know if Dana & Rob are hosting it's going to be a FUN day. There's still space available - click here to register!

WHEN: January 18, 2014
WHERE: 10am-7PM at the FNF WARHOUSE in Leesport, PA  19533

Tickets will be available by reservation only, so must use the link above to get inside!  

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