Farewell to a Legend

Larry Scott, the 1st Mr. Olympia, dies at age 75.

The story continues in the words of Dick Tyler, "At that first Mr. Olympia, Joe Weider was the biggest fan. He wanted to sit out there and be with the audience to feel  what it was like. We had to weave our way through the throng; people were sitting in the aisles. In the second balcony, people had noisemakers and clackers, and guys were posing against each other with their shirts off. 

It was a very, very dramatic moment. It was probably the pinnacle of any show that I’ve ever seen. We’re sitting there in the audience, Joe and I, and the place is going wild. Everybody was waiting for Larry Scott, and Larry was the last one to be called. [Harold Poole and Earl Maynard went on before him.] Emcee Bud Parker goes up to the microphone, “. . . and now from Studio C . . .” He didn’t get any further than “Studio C” when the place erupted. The people started surging toward the stage! I’ve never seen anything like it.

It was bedlam. The screaming seemed like it went on for three, four or five minutes, but there was nothing onstage. Nothing! Joe then started hitting me. “Oh, my gawd ; oh, my gawd!” I said, “Yes, Joe, I know.” “My gawd, this is going to be fabulous!” “But Joe, he’s not even there!” “I know, Dick. Isn’t he fabulous?”

Finally, you see way in the background, in the shadows, just a little movement. Oh, Scott milked it. People were saying, “Go on! They’re waiting!” No, no, no . . . he  was waiting. Finally, he starts to move one step at a time, very, very slowly.

You see this figure getting closer and closer. Then he stands up there in the light and looks around — as I remember, he was chewing gum. He hasn’t even posed yet and was perfectly relaxed. Scott started to smile and nod, as if he was the pope! Like it was some Easter service, he lifted his arm and slowly moved it from one side to the other in sort of a blessing gesture. The crowd went wild! Then he went through his posing routine, and it was unbelievable.

That was one of the greatest nights in bodybuilding history." - Dick Tyler 

Rest is peace, Larry Scott, your legend lives on. - FLEX

Larry Scott's Legendary Stats

Nickname: The Legend

Born: October 12, 1938 (age 75) in Blackfoot, Idaho, U.S.

Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)

Weight:  205 lb (93 kg)

Pro-debut: 1959 Mr. Idaho, 1959

Best win: IFBB Mr. Olympia 1965-1966, two consecutive times,

Predecessor: None

Successor Sergio: Oliva

Retired: 1980



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