Mary Lado returns with a bang by winning the Jacksonville Pro

by Allan Donnelly

August 4, 2008


Photos courtesy of Mark Mason

After dropping to 10th place at the 2007 Figure Olympia one of the sport's biggest names, Mary Lado, decided it was time to step away from the stage for a much-needed break. On Saturday, a fully-rested Lado showed just how dangerous she can be by showing up in top form and winning the Jacksonville Pro Figure Championships.

"I feel good," Lado said after notching the fourth professional win of her career. "I think brought my legs down like I needed to - in past years they were a little bit overdeveloped. I don't think I come in very hard, so I was just gonna try to come in at my best. I'm motivated now to start training again for the Olympia."

Lado, a two-time Figure International winner from 2006-2007, fell to 10th at last year's Olympia. The combination of that finish plus an influx of new pros led some to believe that Lado's best days were behind her. But Lado put those rumors to rest in Jacksonville, and now heads into the Olympia with considerable momentum.

"I think it may help," Lado said. "I think they saw that I actually tried to work on what my faults were and bring something different to the stage, so I'm hoping it helps come Olympia!"

Lado wasn't the only one in Jacksonville who used time away from the stage to her advantage. Jessica Paxson-Putnam, competing for the first time in over a year, placed second to qualify for her second Figure Olympia.

Check out the individual galleries from the Jacksonville Pro Figure Championships below.

(click a name for individual gallery)
1. Mary Lado

2. Jessica Paxson-Putnam

3. Kristal Richardson

4. Krissy Chin

5. Jane Awad

6. Kristi Tauti

7. Elisha Archibald

8. Marcy Porter

9. Allison Williams

10, Kristen Gomes

11. Andrea Dumon

12. Jessica Lyons

13. Claire Parmley

14. Melissa Montanero

15. Melissa Pearo

16. Tivisay Briceno

17. Christine Wan

18. Tessa Wood

18. Irina Veselova

18. Stephanie Togrul-Tulin

18. Lauren Sutter

18. Amy Stephens

18. Thais Cabrices

18. Larissa Reis

18.Becky Clauson

18.Sherman Tergo

18. Petra Mertl

18. Patricia Mello

18. Susanne Niederhauser


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