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Kai Greene in the Hot Seat

Kai's Thoughts Before the 2013 Olympia

turned it around as well as he did last year shows me that he’s a man who’s willing to work hard to see his dreams realized. It should be no surprise when you see things come together if you put the work in. I’ve always thought that if I work dutifully, doing what I have to do to be my best, there is no way I can imagine that my best will not be rewarded, and that holds true for the next man. As for Mr. Rhoden at the Olympia, Shawn’s pretty smart, but Shawn’s a child, and when it comes to the day of the contest, I am his father. He comes to me for advices. So it’s not that hard for me to give him the wrong “advices.” [Laughs] And let’s not forget, there’s only one Kai Greene.


Kai Greene at the 2012 Olympia.


Jay has every right to believe that Phil’s his main competition. Having placed second last year, I don’t feel the least bit slighted or disrespected by that. They obviously have a friendship that goes back several years. He’s got the right to worry or think of the things that he feels are priorities for him on his quest to become Mr. Olympia again. If he thinks that Kai Greene isn’t a factor in his world, he’s totally entitled to his opinion— however, when we get onstage, that’s another reality because there’s only one Kai Greene.


Phil is the reigning Mr. Olympia. That’s no small feat by any means and I definitely respect what he’s accomplished. He’s the one that people recognize as the man to beat. It’s funny because a lot of times, in order to give ourselves a pat on the back, we tend to feel it necessary to throw dirt on the name of someone else, to disrespect the body of work that the individual has taken the time to create. Phil has been nothing but highly respectful of me and that shows the caliber of champion that he is. Like I said, he’s the reigning Mr. Olympia from 2011–2012, but 2013 is another year, and there are lot of men that have the opportunity to come out and attain that reality…but there’s only one Kai Greene. Are we friends? If he were on fire, I’d definitely run and find someone to help him. [Laughs]. I’m excited to show my best. I’m inspired to imagine what my best will actually be and I’m eager to share that with the world. FLEX

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