Kai Greene Interview to Appear on FOX SPORTS

IFBB Pro Kai interviewed by reporter Duke Castiglione about his role in Generation Iron and his preparation for the upcoming 2013 Mr. Olympia.
Kai Greene was previously on Good Day New York and is now on Fox Sports New York

After Kai Greene’s interview with GOOD DAY New York about the upcoming 2013 Mr. Olympia and the epic blockbuster Generation Iron to be released in September, it seems that Kai will be appearing in another upcoming segment on FOX SPORTS NEW YORK. 

Here reporter Duke Castiglione travelled to the EAST COAST MECCA, Bev Francis Gym to interview State Chairman Steve Weinberger about the history of the prestigious gym and how in a decade of commercial gyms, Bev’s Powerhouse Gym is still thriving after 27 years. 

Kai Greene was then interviewed about his role in Generation Iron and his prep for the upcoming Mr. Olympia.

Here are some behind the scene pictures of Kai and Steve being interviewed by Duke Castiglione from FOX SPORTS NY.

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