Kai Greene Rested and Ready to Rumble for the 2013 Olympia

Greene Machine

This weekend, I was able to catch up with 2012 Olympia Runner Up Kai Greene in New York.  Kai has been keeping a low profile since the Olympia and after talking to him, he was already getting back into the gym with the mindset of coming in better for 2013.  One new strategy that Kai has done this year which he has never done before is taking a few months off from the gym to rejuvenate.  In the past, Kai told me he would take a week or so off and then back to the gym, but this year, he did something he has never done before.  Kai took a complete break from training.  Kai mentioned that for the first time in his career, he completely stopped training and let his mind and body rest.  Learning from other former Mr. Olmpians such as Ronnie Coleman who was known to take time off, Kai is back and ready to train.  The first month of not training, was hard psychologically, but I felt all the aches and pains start to go away.  Kai told me, "I am rejuvenated and ready to give re-invent a bigger and more conditioned Kai Greene for the 2013 Mr. Olympia"  Kai mentioned how after looking back at the 2012 Olympia, he made some mistakes that he has learned from and is confident that next year at the 2013 Olympia he is going to be better then ever. 

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