Pro Athletes Remember Joe Weider

Weider athletes share memories of the Master Blaster

I started training at age 14 on my dad's 1979 Joe Weider bench--plastic weights and all. If it weren’t for Joe, I never would have picked up a weight. There would be no Arnold, no Dorian, or no Ronnie. He started it all--the true Master Blaster. I watched the road to the Olympia and always wanted Joe to put that metal around my neck and shake my hand. I had the pleasure to meet Joe because a good friend of mine--Ed Connors--took me to Joe's office and made me pose right there on the spot. I feel very blessed to having met and spoken with the man who is now considered the father of bodybuilding. The Olympia will not be the same with out you, Joe, and we will miss you greatly. Thank you for what you’ve done for all of us.

-Frank McGrath



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