Pro Athletes Remember Joe Weider

Weider athletes share memories of the Master Blaster

Without Joe Weider, the sport of bodybuilding would not be where it is today.  He allowed us, us bodybuilders, an avenue to express art through sculpting our bodies and gave us the world stage to showcase it.  Mr. Weider was not just the father of bodybuilding but the father of mainstream weightlifting as a whole, making it downright "cool" to go to the gym....through his magazines,  his writings, and even bringing Arnold to this country.   Most sports today have some sort of weight training foundation, which gives athletes the ability to continuously improve upon their performance and physique. And in the end, not only bodybuilders, but just about all athletes and gym-enthusiasts have Joe Weider to thank.

To say that Mr. Weider succeeded in making his dream come true is an understatement.   Take the Olympia for example. The "O" is now one of the most coveted stages on which to compete.  Champions at the Olympia hold one of the most coveted titles & bodybuilders spend their entire career trying to crack even the 9 spots behind it. From thousands of attendees, to athletes flying in from around the world to participate, to an incredibly huge expo, the dream of having one of the greatest events in the sport of bodybuilding...Joe's dream has far been exceeded.

I consider it an honor to be considered part of the Weider Family.  Joe, just like his brother Ben who passed a few years back, will be greatly missed.  I have a hope that all future IFBB Pros will know who Joe and Ben Weider were and how great of an opportunity they gave us.

-Michael Liberatore



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