Prejudging report and galleries from Sacramento Pro

By Dave Lee

November 7, 2009


The atmosphere was electric at the 2009 Sacramento Men's Pro Grand Prix at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento, California as twenty-two world class bodybuilders put it all on the line to grab a win at the last men's pro show of the year and earn a spot in the 2010 Mr.Olympia [top three qualify].

The battle for top three seems to be shaping up between Toney Freeman, Craig Richardson, Ed Nunn and Robert Pietrkowicz, with Freeman a strong candidate for top honors — mainly on the strength of his trademark x-frame and combination of size and shape. Freeman, coming off an eighth place finish six weeks ago at the Mr. Olympia, is determined to close out the season on a high note and notch his sixth victory. If successful, he will have won at least one show every year since 2006.

Craig Richardson — who placed eleventh and seventh, respectively at this year's Tampa Bay and Atlantic City Pro shows — presented much tighter conditioning this time around and although he needs more upper body thickness, he showed impressive outer quad sweep and rock solid striated glutes and hamstrings to challenge for a top spot.

First year pro Ed Nunn displayed a bit more size and fullness with comparable conditioning to his pro debut earlier in the year at the Europa Super Show in Dalla, where he place seventh. Nunn's wide clavicles, tight waist and flaring quads give him remarkable taper to rival Freeman's and added torso thickness should give him better depth.

In contrast to Freeman and Nunn's taper and Richardson's proportion was Poland's Robert Pietrkowicz's physique. Pietrkowicz, who finished fifth at the Europa, seems to be in the fight for a qualifying spot with his dense upper body mass.