IFBB Pro Amanda Latona’s Stage Secrets

Our Flex Bikini Model Search alum talks about her bodacious backside and the bikini color that never fails to turn heads

FLEX: How did your life change after you won our competition? How many competitions have you won or placed in since? 

AL: I always say my life changed at FLEX that year. I had just started working with BSN, and that day after the win I not only won my Weider contract (a dream come true in itself), but I was also offered a BSN athlete contract.

The Weider brand was--and still is--amazing to me . I landed my first cover of Muscle & Fitness Hers--another dream come true--and then started competing as a Pro Bikini competitor. I was then featured in the Flex Swimsuit issue and landed my own Flex cover, which is still one of my absolute favorite moments. Since then, I have achieved seven Pro Bikini wins, have placed in the top three in two other Pro shows, top five at the Bikini Olympia in 2010, and in the top six at Bikini International in 2011.

FLEX: What's your weekly training schedule like?

AL: If I’m not prepping for a show, I go between lifting heavier with less cardio, and I can maintain with three to four days a week. If I have a shoot, I will add in cardio or will lift with supersets and circuits.

If I’m training for a show, then that’s a whole new level. I’ll train up to seven days a week, doing cardio for five days, and I’ll sometimes train twice a day. I really just love training, and always have. I love the feeling of lifting weights. Also, a clean diet does wonders, so I try to keep that year ‘round with enough time off from competitions to enjoy life and have balance.



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