IFBB Pro Amanda Latona’s Stage Secrets

Our Flex Bikini Model Search alum talks about her bodacious backside and the bikini color that never fails to turn heads

FLEX: Do you have any body parts you like to train more than others?

AL: I love training glutes the most. I would do it every day even though it’s super hard. I think the body part I dislike training the most is abs. At least it’s what I skip most, but I’m trying to work on that.

FLEX: Speaking of glutes, your rockstar backside is pretty well documented. What’s your secret?

AL: Diet, HIIT cardio, consistency, and heavy weights twice a week with a glute focus. I work hard and train my a** until I feel like puking, basically. That’s worked for me for all these years. 

FLEX: Besides heavy lifting, what other fitness styles do you try to incorporate?

AL: I'm currently in love with Bikram yoga. I've been training for so many years, and haven’t stretched as much as I should, so doing yoga has been much needed and long overdue. It’s totally different from lifting but still challenging, which I think is why I love it. I love to be challenged. 

FLEX: How do you choose a bikini to compete in? 

AL:  My family laughs at me about this. I actually look online for weeks at styles and colors. Then I go to a swimsuit store and try on as many colors as I can, even some I would never normally try. I try to see what looks good with my skin tone and hair, and after asking my coach, I usually go with the suit that I feel the most confident in. That’s my number one piece of advice. You can put on a suit and feel pretty, and then put on a suit and feel like you’re on fire. Go with that one. Now you see why I always end up in red. (But black is just plain sexy, too.)

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