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Flex Lewis on the Upcoming Olympia

Q&A with the 212 champ.


Do you consider yourself an artist?


Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger said something about it—“Good bodybuilders have the same mind when it comes to sculpting that a sculptor has”—except a sculptor does his work in the studio, and a bodybuilder does it in the gym. There is also a creative aspect to posing. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of people with great physiques lose contests because their posing lacked artistry. Posing onstage is an art form in itself.


Other than the 212 Showdown, what is your favorite part of the Olympia Weekend?


Meeting the fans. It’s not just one event during the Olympia Weekend, it’s all of it, because it all revolves around the fans. People come from all over the world to be there, to stand in line one or two hours to meet the pros. Some people are so nervous they can’t talk. Some cry. I just love being there. Part of being a champion is about how you conduct yourself offstage with the fans. – FLEX

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