FLEX Spotlight: Malcolm Marshall

The New Pro Breaks Down Why He's Ready for the Big Time

Being a taller bodybuilder seems to be a struggle for most, but you’ve adapted pretty well. What have been some of the contributing factors to filling out your frame?

Time is the main contributing factor. It takes longer to fill out a taller frame and to build the muscle it needs to make that symmetrical X-frame.

I imagine having long arms makes rowing and pressing pretty difficult, but chest, and back in particular, seem to be two of your best body parts. What is your training philosophy for those body parts as well as legs, shoulders, and arms?

I believe that genetics and my athletic history as a child have played a major factor in the physique I have today. As a child, I was a competitive swimmer and the 50-meter butterfly was my favorite event. All those years of swimming gave my lats the jump-start they needed to build a really nice back. I love to train to failure, and my philosophy is if the muscle that I’ve trained isn’t sore the next day, I’ve wasted a workout.

Do you find legs to be particularity difficult to develop, given your height? Are there any special tricks you’ve learned?

No, nothing special. As I said earlier, time was a major factor for me.

Obviously, you consume your fair share of food to put on size. What’s a typical daily breakdown?

Roughly around 7,500 calories a day spread out over eight meals a day with somewhere between 800–1,200 calories each meal. It drops down to 4,500 calories for a contest.

What about supplements? What role do they play?

For the past 2½ years, I’ve been using only Prolab products. I know for a fact they’ve played a role in helping me obtain my pro card at the NPC Team Universe.

Now that you have a pro card, what’s next for Malcolm Marshall?

Honestly, I want to compete as much as I can. I plan on having fun and trying to stay competitive.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Quincy Roberts, for his mental and posing expertise; Ed Nunn, Bill Wilmore, and Adam Weidel, for the encouragement not to quit; Ryan Hays and Thomas Reike for their help throughout my contest prep; and my sponsor, Prolab. There would’ve been no pro card without this team behind me. - FLEX

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