IFBB PBW Championships 2013

August 09, 2013 | 
Tampa, FL

One of our favorite bodybuilding contests of the year, the 2013 PBW Tampa Pro Championships is held in a Tampa Bay resort that overlooks the beautiful water. You don't want to miss this pro bodybuilding, figure and bikini professional IFBB contest which is brought to you by Pro Bodybuilding Weekly. Look for Lionel Beyeke and Essa Obiad go head to head for a win and a qualification to the 2013 Mr Olympia. But looking to deter that is Evan Centopani and Juan Morel who also are in need of an Olympia qualification.


Men's Bodybuilding (open)

  • Tampa Pro Men BB PJ Report As predicted, the 2013 PBW Tampa Pro Open Men Division was going to be as exciting as any other great bodybuilding contest. We were expecting large names like Essa Obiad, Lionel Beyeke, Bill Wilmore, Mohammed Ali Bannout, Lee Banks and Juan Morel
  • Tampa Pro Women BB PJ Report 30 IFBB Pro Women competitors just walked off the stage but only two were let go early indicating they are fighting for first and second place.
  • Friday Night PJ Report The 2013 PBW tampa Pro event is not only the largest contest of the year, but it is the largest ever with 209 competitors registered to compete Friday and Saturday.
  • Wilmore vs Centopani IFBB Pro Bill Wilmore is also on the hunt for a contest win and an Olympia qualification but he's going to have to get through a litany of pros with the same goal.
  • Morel vs Centopani for 2013 Tampa Pro The 2013 PBW Championships Tampa Pro will be the first time these two East Coast competitors step on stage and compete against each other.
  • Compare Essa to Evan Both Centopani and Obiad are looking for a 2013 Mr Olympia qualification, and the only way to do that is by winning this pro bodybuilding event.
Wings of Strength presents the 2013 Tamp PBW Pro Championships
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