IFBB TV: The Official Television of International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness

Programming for the bodybuilding and healthy lifestyle enthusiast.

If you are a bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast (you're on FLEXonline.com, so of course you are), then you need to visit IFBB TV and bookmark it as a favorite.

IFBB TV is a themed online channel, worldwide, in English and Spanish television for followers and fans of bodybuilding, fitness and healthy living in general, with self-produced content.

IFBB TV produces many different programs, all of them related with our sport and healthy lifestyle. At ‘Muscle News’ bodybuilding fans can get all the IFBB last news and events information from all around the world. But IFBB TV offers some other programs, such as: ‘Science nutrition’ with nutritional information, ‘Healthy and Delicious’ with healthy receipts, ‘Muscle Club’, with great training tips, Debates, ‘Fitness Talks’, with interviews of our champions and best athletes, and so much more.

IFBB TV will also broadcast live television with IFBB Top Events very soon. Check it out here, at http://www.ifbbtv.net/.



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