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Judgment Day - A 2013 Olympia Preview!

A Preview of the Loaded 2013 Lineup

KAI GREENE  DATE OF BIRTH: July 12, 1975 ■ HEIGHT: 5'8" ■ WEIGHT: 260 lbs  ■OLYMPIA HISTORY: 2012, 2nd; 2011, 3rd; 2010, 7th; 2009, 4th

DJ: He is on a mission this year, and I believe we will see the best Kai yet. He has the size and structure to make it very tough for Phil in certain poses, and I believe he will push Phil even harder than he did last year. Kai’s learned over the past few years that he has enough size, and he’s been focusing on detail and downsizing his waist. His legs are phenomenal, he’s got one of the widest rear lat spreads, and he’s been improving his chest and delts. He will definitely be one of the last three men standing.

FM: Kai is a beast. He has worked his way up to becoming one of the best in the world. He is very determined and has been at this for a long time. He has lots of size, and when he’s peeled, which he has been over the past few years, he’s very hard to beat. In 2012 it was between him and Phil Heath, and I believe it’ll be between them both again this year.

CN: I have Kai currently in the third spot. Last year, I believe he beat Phil in the prejudging yet still wasn’t able to push Phil enough to dominate him in the end. I would have guessed Kai was at 90% last year, and we still have yet to see the crisp, crazy, and dry conditioning that I feel he’s capable of achieving. He always teases us with what could be, but never gives us exactly what we want. This year, he has stayed extremely lean in the off-season and does possess a tremendous amount of muscularity and thickness, but I see the problem between the off-season and contest phases. Just look at any of the guest posing Kai had with Phil and other top five Olympia contenders this year. He could easily be touted as the frontrunner but fast-forward to the final stage of prep and Kai loses that dominant off-season size and no longer has an edge over Phil. In 2012, Kai looked great but did not dominate Phil in the size/ fullness department. If Kai and his team can find the balance of holding on to the size and fullness that blows everyone’s mind in the off-season with the crazy conditioning we know he is capable of, then he will give Phil and everyone a run for their money and could easily take the title.

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