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Judgment Day - A 2013 Olympia Preview!

A Preview of the Loaded 2013 Lineup

SHAWN RHODEN  DATE OF BIRTH: April 2, 1975 ■ HEIGHT: 5'9" ■ WEIGHT: 235 lbs  ■ OLYMPIA HISTORY: 2012, 3rd; 2011, 11th

DJ: What an unbelievable year in 2012. His condition was outstanding, but can he repeat that? You can chase that for the rest of your life, but if it was your all-time best it will be very hard to nail it again. You can ask any retired bodybuilder what his best was, and he will tell you the year and the contest. He’s like Flex Wheeler in that if he’s on, he looks spectacular, but if he’s a little off, his lines just aren’t there. And he’s not blowing people off the stage with size so he needs to be sharp. If he can do it again and bring more upper-body size, he will be in the mix. But he has to be bigger.

FM: Shawn had his breakthrough year in 2012 and established himself as one of the best in the IFBB. He’s right up there in terms of being genetically blessed with the best in the world. Shawn has not competed in 2013. I’ve seen him at a few shows hanging out, and he looks like he has put on good size. If he holds that size and comes in peeled like he did in 2012, he’ll be in the top three again. Symmetry, conditioning, and muscularity, he has it all.

CN: Shawn is genetically, one of the best athletes in the lineup. He is the closest we have seen to Flex Wheeler with beautiful lines and good conditioning last year, though still not great. Conditioning will be the deciding factor. He does not possess the muscle to hang with many of the key guys in the lineup— especially Phil, Kai, and Big Ramy. However, if Shawn comes to the show in spot-on conditioning, he possesses the overall package of shape and symmetry to give him an edge over many of the top, bigger guys. With that in mind, I see him in the top six, possibly as high as fifth or fourth depending on whether or not Jay Cutler does the show. The main issue with Shawn is going to be getting his skin thin enough and dry enough to show the intricate detail he is capable of displaying.

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