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Judgment Day - A 2013 Olympia Preview!

A Preview of the Loaded 2013 Lineup

JAY CUTLER  DATE OF BIRTH: Aug. 3, 1973 ■ HEIGHT: 5'9" ■ WEIGHT: 270 lbs  ■ OLYMPIA HISTORY: 2011, 2nd; 2010, 1st; 2009, 1st; 2008, 2nd; 2007, 1st; 2006, 1st; 2005, 2nd; 2004, 2nd; 2003, 2nd; 2001, 2nd; 2000, 8th; 1999, 15th

DJ: After his biceps injury in 2011, he stopped training and just did cardio so it was a smaller Jay than we’ve been used to seeing. He’s adding size now, but I’m still not seeing the same off-season Jay from before. And he’ll be 40, and this is the time when your body doesn’t respond the way it used to. I went through it, and so have guys like Ronnie and others. And I saw signs of him going backward already. At his last Olympia (2011), it wasn’t the Jay we saw when he won the title in 2009. However, Jay is very good under pressure. He wants to be the guy doing the chasing, rather than have other guys chasing him. At this point in his career, I don’t see him beating Phil. I think he has to be 100% to make the top three.

FM: What can you say about Jay? He’s the ultimate professional in everything he does. When Jay first stated he was coming back many people said no way he’ll put back that size. He has, and it’s getting dense once again. Jay is freaky big at 5'9", and when he’s peeled he looks insane. Jay will be a problem, and I know he’s getting other competitors worried because they said he wouldn’t come back. If he comes close to what he looked like in 2009 and 2010 he’ll be in the top three.

CN: This could be a very tricky spot, but if Jay competes this year, this is where I see him placing. His extremely demanding travel schedule simply did not allow him to add the size I felt was necessary (especially after coming back from his surgery) to be competitive against Phil. Jay was able to gradually put on a small amount of muscle from January through May, and then only during June this year was he able to really commence with hard weight gain. He has definitely begun to fill out, but it is all new weight. The only problem with this plan is that any weight added from June to the point where he would begin his hard contest diet, would also be the first weight to diet away since it would not be seasoned, mature muscle. I’m simply afraid his front stance is not going to show the dominance it once did and that any muscular inconsistencies in size and symmetry will stand out. If Jay does compete this year, I see him falling to around the fourth to fifth spot. Personally, I see him pulling out of the show sometime in August. I just don’t think things will come together the way he is hoping because of his schedule. I do give him credit, as I felt he gave it an incredible effort, but in the end, I feel his travel schedule is what will put a crimp in his prep.

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