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Judgment Day - A 2013 Olympia Preview!

A Preview of the Loaded 2013 Lineup


DJ: I am 100% sure that he’ll be the biggest guy onstage, and he will make a very strong impression in his Olympia debut. In New York, no one knew who he was, and up against a hometown favorite in Victor Martinez, he won it hands down. It wasn’t even close. He will push the top guys very hard. The game plan is more detail and separation. He’s been training for only three years so that will come with time. Once he gets that, he will look even crazier and he will be very hard to stop. The personal goal is top three, but I definitely see him cracking the top five.

FM: Man, let me tell you, this guy has the potential to be a Hall of Famer easily, and he’s done only one show. He impressed the hell out of everyone at the N.Y. Pro. When Dennis James showed me his pics I was blown away. Ramy is ridiculously big. DJ has said he can get harder for the O. Let’s think about this, if he doesn’t put on one more pound of muscle ever, he’ll still be one of the biggest pros on earth. He’ll put on more muscle and will be 300 pounds onstage soon. Ramy will be top two or three in the world over the next couple of years.

CN: I believe Big Ramy is the biggest threat this year. Many will say he is untested at this level, but he brings an enormous amount of muscle and thickness. He won’t be challenged in those areas. The difference between Ramy and those who are considered “mass monsters” is that his structure and the flow of his physique are good to go along with the size. He has a very flat midsection and his core area is put together nice and tight, and this helps to over-exaggerate everything else. Ramy’s main downfall is conditioning. In New York, I felt he was around 80%. Showing up as he did in New York could be good enough to garner fifth and every 5% improvement from that point I can see him moving up a spot. Also in Ramy’s favor is the fact that his physique is different from Phil’s, and this could be a determining factor in a “changing of the guard.” As I see it, conditioning could be the only thing separating Big Ramy from a rookie Olympia win!

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