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Mamdouh Big Ramy Elssbiay 10 Weeks from 2013 Mr Olympia

The big man from the Middle East has only one professional bodybuilding competition under his belt, but already qualified for the 2013 Mr olympia, twice, Elssbiay will be an impact on stage this year.
Mamdouh Big Ramy Elssbiay 10 Weeks out from the 2013 Mr Olympia. An Egyptian bodybuilder living and training in Kuwait, this is only Big Ramy's second competition as a professional bodybuilder.

Predictions on the message boards and FaceBook have Elssbiay placing out of the Top 15 all the way up to placing in the top 3 and some boldy have Elssbiay winning. Ultimately it comes down to Mamdouh Elssbiay and the judges. Elssbiay knows it's solely up to him and his coach IFBB Pro Dennis James, and even then, only time will tell.

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