Facts and figures heading into this weekend's New York Pro

May 3, 2010


Here are some fact and figures about the New York Pro, which will take place at the Tribecca Performing Arts at BMCC this weekend. For more information on the show, visit http://www.bevfrancis.com/contests/schedule/100-2010-new-york-pro.

WHAT 2010 IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding and Bikini Championships
WHEN Saturday, May 8
FINALS 6:00 p.m. EST
WHERE Tribecca Performing Arts at BMCC, New York, NY
FORE MORE INFO http://www.bevfrancis.com/contests/schedule/100-2010-new-york-pro

• The New York Pro was formally known as the Night of Champions until Steve Weinberger took over promotion duties in 2005.

• As the Night of Champions, the show was held on the Upper West Side of New York City; the contest was moved to Tribecca, lower Manhattan, when it became the New York Pro.

• The competition has been held in three different locations: City Center, Beacon Theater and the Tribecca Performing Arts Center at BMCC.

• The New York Pro is the second longest running show behind the Mr. Olympia, which will celebrate it's 45th anniversary in September.

• 1979 saw an unprecedented tie-breaker posedown between Danny Padilla and Robbie Robinson (Robinson would claim victory).

• In 1982, Mohammed Makkawy rode a camel onstage (no word on how the judges scored the desert animal's condition).

• Mr Olympia winners who have also won the New York Pro: Chris Dickerson ('80), Lee Haney ('83), Ronnie Coleman ('98) and Jay Cutler ('00).

• In 1990, Dorian Yates — who would win six Mr. O titles — made his pro debut and took second to Mohammed Benaziza. Danny Padilla took third.

• The 202 class debuted at the 2008 New York Pro.

• Pro bikini will make its debut in New York in its inaugural 2010 IFBB season.

1978 Robby Robinson
1979 Robby Robinson
1980 Chris Dickerson
1981 Chris Dickerson
1982 Albert Beckles
1983 Lee Haney
1984 Albert Beckles
1985 Albert Beckles
1986 Lee Labrada
1987 Gary Strydom
1988 Phil Hill
1989 Vince Taylor
1990 Mohammed Benaziza
1991 Dorian Yates
1992 Kevin Levrone
1993 Porter Cottrell
1994 Mike Francois
1995 Nasser El Sonbaty
1996 Flex Wheeler
1997 Chris Cormier
1998 Ronnie Coleman
1999 Paul Dillet
2000 Jay Cutler
2001 Orville Burke
2002 Markus Ruh
2003 Victor Martinez, Denise Masino
2004 Melvin Anthony Jr., Yaxeni Oriquen
2005 Darrem Charles, Rosemary Jennings
2006 Phil Heath
2007 Branch Warren
2008 Kai Greene, Kevin English (202), Cathy LeFrancois
2009 Evan Centopani, Kevin English (202), Cathy LeFrancois

2010 NEW YORK PRO COMPETITORS (as of 5/06/10)
Dohne, Marius
Fankhouser, Erik
Long, Jeff
Freeman, Toney
Mendible, Cesar
Mishin, Eugeny
Pakulski, Ben
Romero, Manuel
Van Wyck, Mike
Winklaar, Roelly
Wolf, Dennis
Seccarecci, Daniele
Shelestov, Sergey
Yamagishi, Hidetada

Arendsz, John Frederick
Arntz, Jason
Castagnet, Eric
English, Kevin
Finocchiaro, Anthony
Holloway, Milton Jr.
Jenkins, Sean
Karadjuzovic, Emro
Raymond, Jose
Sheridan, Michael
Wawryk, Vincent

Bleck, Sheila
Bramwell, Debbie
Cadeau, Dayana
Carvalho, Andrea Ferreira
Foster, Heather
Hawkins, Kristy
LeFrancois, Cathy
Lehtonen, Marja
Lewis, Nancy
Nelson, Colette
Pfuetzenreuter, Nicole
Ruch, Rahel
Siganakis, Athena
Sue, Emma

Abbou, Jelena
Coles, Missy
Gullett, Michell
Harding, Janet
Harrell, Angela
Holmes, Kat
Janeszewski, Melinda
Klausen-Leandri, Tabitha
Lawrence, Jessica
Lindsey, Stefanie
Maleton, Dayna
Marie, Alicia
Marquez, Christie
Marshall, Kristal
Monroe, Shay
Montes, Shelsea
Hguyen, Khanh
Prince, Marzia
Rivera, Kira
Roy, Sherlyn
Suarez, Alea
Ta, Tianna


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