PBW Tampa Pro Friday Pre-Judging Report

The 2013 PBW tampa Pro event is not only the largest contest of the year, but it is the largest ever with 209 competitors registered to compete Friday and Saturday.

Men Physique ranks have been climbing and this contest proved how many there are vying for an opportunity to compete at the first ever 2013 Men's Physique Showdown during the 2013 Olympia Weekend.

Men's Physique First Call Outs

  • 36 Robin Balogh
  • 38 Craig Capurso
  • 41 Deniz Duygulu
  • 46 David Herskovitz
  • 48 Steve Mousharbash
  • 51 Pean Saliasi
  • 52 Jeff Seid
  • 53 William Sullivan
  • 58 Tory Woodward ( center )

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