Perfect Symmetry: Shawn Rhoden vs. Flex Wheeler

Flexatron goes pose for pose with Flex Wheeler


From the back, it’s no debate—Wheeler was dominant in his day, and his rear view stands the test of time. “Flex’s back double biceps was detail on top of detail,” James stresses. “Shawn is nearly flawless, but where this is Flex’s best mandatory, it’s Shawn’s weakest. He has to bring up his back, simple as that. And I’m not talking a whole lot, just to the point where he can stand next to Mr. Olympia, turn around, and hold his own.”

In other words, to go lat-to-lat with Heath, he needs to focus on his upper-body thickness, most important, a bigger back and chest. “Right now,” James adds, “his back double biceps suffers, in part because his legs are overpowering even from the rear.”

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