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Shawn Rhoden on the Olympia Hotseat

The normally reserved Rhoden, who prefers to let his physique do the talking onstage, was feeling a bit bothered concerning some post-Olympia comments made by reigning and two-time champ Phil Heath. Here’s what Flexatron had to say about that


“When I turned pro [in 2009], Kai Greene said to me, “Mr. Rhoden, they’re making plans for you and there will be a place for you.” The following year, when I made it to the O, he said, “Mr. Rhoden, you have arrived.” Finally, last year, he said, “Don’t ever thank anyone for believing in you. As long as you believe in yourself, others will believe in you.” Kai has always motivated me through the words he says to me. He saw something in me back when I was 212 pounds that I didn’t see in myself. Yes, Kai is a great friend. But onstage, when they call our names, let’s just say that we can talk after the contest is over.”


“This is the Olympia. This is not some regional show you do to qualify for the O. You’re supposed to bring your A-game. That’s part of being a professional, bringing it when it matters most. I don’t care what the critics say about my getting third because so-and-so was off . All I have to say to them is, we’ll do it again.”


“If that’s the case, the rest of us should stay home. You have Kai, a rejuvenated Dexter, me, and who knows who else will come up this year? I ran into Jay in California, and that night he tweeted that he’d crossed paths with me and that I’m one to watch for in 2013. That spoke volumes. I have the utmost respect for Jay. But I know what it feels like to be number three in the world. It makes you hungrier because you’re closer than ever. I know I have to climb over Jay, over Kai and Dexter and everyone else to knock down Phil. I will go through whatever it takes to reach the top spot. I welcome the pain and sacrifi ce. In the words of the Rock, just bring it!”

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