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Shot-for-Shot: Branch Warren vs. Ben Pakulski

We put them side by side so you can be the judge
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The 2014 Arnold Classic features one of the most competitive line-ups in history - every competitor is a contender and every contender is a favorite. While we await the battle on stage March 1, FLEXonline is bringing a digital posedown right to your screen by putting the top dogs side-by-side to let you be the judge.

Next to battle in our shot-for-shot comparison is Branch Warren and Ben "Pakman" Pakulski.  Pakulski came in 2nd at the Arnold last year and then fell to a disappointing 9th at the Olympia. Branch took the Arnold title in 2012, but has battled injuries since then.  Break them down shot-for-shot and head over to the FLEX Facebook page and let us know your favorite. 


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