2007 NPC USA Prejudging: Welterweights

The welterweights are on stage. Jesse Sabater of Oxnard looks like the frontrunner; Scott Turner of Scottsdale Arizona also stands out in the first look through. There are 13 competitors total; last year, this class was won by Perry McRae, with Sabater second, in 2006. George Thibault from California, 163 pounds, good condition, that alone could place him in the top five in this class. Jesse Sabater up third, Good color, solid side triceps; legs are a little undersized, although that may not hurt him in this particular class. Chest could hurt him, it's shallow. Should be top three at least though, based on his condition and the competition he's facing. The welter class ranges from 154 to 165. Mark Harris of Indiana is onstage; smooth but thick chest, cut his time in front of the judges way short, not a good move. Hugo Rivera is up, has a big chest, good detail in his back, but his physique doesn't flow. Scott Turner from Arizona, smooth in the hams, he's holding water but could still contend for a top placing. Needs more separation in his legs, that could really hurt him come comparison time. Jerry Serna from Texas is the second-to-last guy up in this class. Wide back, not enough happens on the front poses, too much water. First callout: George Thibault, Jesse Sabater, Mark Harris, Hugo Rivera, Scott Turner and Jason Croce.


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