SILVIO SAMUEL Prejudging commentary from Ronnie Coleman and Chris Cormier: CC - come out strong, color is great. Fuller than the Ironman, just as sharp but muscle fibers stand litle thicker than the ironman. Ronnie - Silvio looking pretty good, pretty ggood shape, striations everywhere. Back looks great. Pretty much say he's right on. Only thing can tell you lacking hamstrings just a little bit. CC- he's got to hold them more. He's letting them go. Ronnie - From these shots i don't see any waekneses right now. DAVID HENRY Ronnie - OK. Dave looks kind of full. Still seen him more shredded not as hard as normally is CC - AT that height you gotta keep showing em your'e diced up can't try to come in bigger. Ronnie - holding little bit of water, maybe 3 or 4 pounds. Glutes not as striated as normally are, hamstrings not as striated as normally are. CC - we three feet away from him, might be different picture to the crowd MO ELMOUSSAWI Ronnie - He's holding little bit of water today. CC_ yeah but Ironman are best lights you can be under. Ronnie -Silvio is way harder than him. CC - Silvio will be ahead this time. Can see the little folds right at his waistline. That's an indication he's not where he should be.


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