DESMOND MILLER Ron - Desmond pretty sharp. Hamstrings and glutes shreddeed. Triceps are shredded. Waiting on the ab shot. CC - he's relaxing that stomach in middle of poses. Little more confidence in his posing and he could do better. Ronnie - Hamstrings look good. Back not as sharp as his legs. Holding little bit of wter in his back. Those legs are shredded though. Cc - Yeah legs are sharp. Ronnie - He's in good shape,. RONNIE ROCKEL CC - lot of guys look patchy with the oil .. some guys got bottom half going some got lower. But he'slooking full and big Ronnie - don't know how sharp he normally is but he's not that sharp right here. Back is not too much going on right there. He's just not tighte, that's all i can tell you. CC - think he got caught up trying to come in big. These lights here you gotta be nice and crisp and sharp. Those lower abs never contracted them Ronnie = Looks pretty good from the front. CC- think he went for more size than cuts. Ronnie - For sure. ADORTHUS CHERRY Ronnie - Oh. No. I'm gonna let Chris take this one. CC - He's clearly off. Defintiely nervous at this show. This your first ARnold, not a whole lot of claps for the rookies. I hardly got one clap at my first Arnold Classic. Not for this group of guys, these guys going for blood. Ronnie - Yeah. There's 150 thousand dollars on the line. DEXTER JACKSON Huge applause for Dexter Ronnie - I tell you right now, Dexter's spot on. he came for the money. CC- he definitely confident. Ronne- Oh yeah. he's shredded. Everything's there. His legs are shredded, glutes are shredded, ches is real round and thick CC - oh that shot, got striation in the lat - you know you're on then And he's got oil all oer his body. That's veteran right there. ROnnie - he's spot on. That's a veteran. Look at his glutes how shredded they are. Hamstrings are shredded. CC - Nice and deep, hamstrings the cuts. Ronnie - back is hard. Best two guys in show are defintiely Dexter and Silvio. Dexter is shredded though. CC - Defintiely. PHIL HEATH Huge applause for Phil Ronnie - Legs are shreddeed. Arms are shredded, triceps are shredded, glutes are real shredded. Oh man this gonna be a tight race here. now it's the phi and dexter show. C-C - He's holding. They gonna battle brother. Thow two tuys gonna battle . Would like to see back more granite lookin but he's a young dude thoug - ronnie Ronnie - Dexter got little more width in his back, only thing can see now. CC - he don't got that deer in headlightt look like he did last year. Ronnie - dexter's abs are more shredded


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