The Clock Is Ticking....

Like everyone else, I just did my 2-day photo and video shoot with Flex. I feel good right now. I spent the holiday weekend with my family. Because of my Olympia prep, I couldn't stay long, but it was great to see everyone. I'm eating, sleeping, training and watching football. I've been a Cowboy and FSU fan forever! I'll be seeing Joe again this weekend, and I'm beginning to get things together for my trip out to Vegas! Even though the weather in Florida is slowly cooling down, things are starting to heat up and will be hot on stage in another 3 weeks with one of the best line-ups in Olympia history! I do not have a facebook or myspace account, even though someone is claiming to be me on both of them! LOL! However, I finally signed onto Twitter and you can follow me @blade01222. I'm still getting the hang of it! So give me a shout out and I'll try to twit a lil bit for all you fans while in Vegas! Time for cardio so peace out! Till next time... The Blade


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