The Countdown and Prep!

So, I think at this point everyone is beginning to be anxious! With one of the toughest and most competitive line-ups I think I've ever been in, having something to lose makes me want it more! I've been blessed with my genetics and my career; and with the biggest win of my life last year, I'm training the hardest I ever had to defend my title. I just got back from visiting Joe. No, he is not training me, but yes, we have achieved my best wins together and he still tracks my progress and diet, he is the only one I trust. I am on track, but I have had to change up a few things to work harder because I know the competition is also giving more than 100%. We all realize what this line-up means and the judges will be working the heck out of us on stage in 4 weeks! I am currently doing 2 45-minute cardio sessions, long gone are the days of little to no cardio, LOL! My diet consists of very high protein of about 400g/day and my carbs fluctuate, depending on my progress. My fat intake is low and I don't worry about sodium because it does not affect me. My workout partner has been helping me to switch things up just a little with some different exercises, to make more gains. Our training schedule is as follows: Quads on Monday Chest/Calves on Tuesdays Back on Wednesday Hamstring and Shoulders on Thursday Biceps/Triceps/Calves on Friday Cardio is 6 times a week (45 min am/45 min pm) I rest on Sundays (football season now!) and always recommend all my clients to always take one full day to let your body and mind rest! This is the biggest fight of my life! I want to thank all of my fans, family and friends for their support. My fans have been very supportive with emails and letters and it helps to keep me going! Thanks guys. Alex Ardenti is shooting my new video in HD and it'll include some very up close and personal scenes besides me training, like behind the scenes at the O. I'll let you guys know when it's available. Also, My official after party for the Olympia this year is being sponsored by the JET nightclub at the Mirage, so I want to invite everyone out to come have a good time! Gotta run guys, till next time! The Blade


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