A few more pics from New Zealand...

A few pics from the network news coverage/interviews with the athletes. (skynews).   Dex hits a shot Moe, the show promotor is not competing but he sure could, looking great Moe. Moe is getting a quick pump in while the media is interviewing the Pros. Moe, a hardworking Businessman, Husband and loving father to 2 beautiful girls. He is the promotor of this show here in New Zealand. Moe worked his way up the ranks of bodybuilding from a teen competitor right onto the IFBB Olympia stage where he will stand later this year! Moe owns and runs vitamin stores, ExTreme Nutrition, thoughout New Zealand. It is through this man's hard work and love for the sport that continues drives him to promote the sport and in creating a successful bodybuilding show here in this country which undoubably will be a hit. The people here are embracing bodybuilding wholeheartedly and with open arms with ticket sales booming. Toney takes a break between sets The next 2 pics are from Amateur bodybuilders that came all the way from Poland to compete in New Zealand. The president of IFBB of NZ, Mr. Mark Stewart pictured with his lovely wife, Jo Stewart, who is a successful bodybuilding competitor and professional trainer. Head IFBB International Judge, Mr. John Tuman and USA IFBB Professional, Tony Freeman. Mel and Dex Some more competitors.....ready to rock n roll! Group pic of the athletes. Even the top guys in the world kiss up to the head judge:) Priceless! That's all for now, FLEXONLINE would like to thank again John Tuman and his wife Elissa to take the time to document the trip and let the fans see what's going on across the world. You are the man John!


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