Figure Two Piece (Round 2)

The athletes are just coming out on stage for the Figure Two Piece. There are 21 competitors in the line-up, the biggest lineup in Figure O's history (as fairly short as that history is). Lot of pro shows this year, making for a lot of qualifiers -- clearly, Figure is strong and growing. Now the lineup is in quarter turns as a group... First callout: Monica Brant Peckham, Jenny Lynn, Amber Littlejohn, Christine Pomponio Pate. Wow, no Mary Lado, that's a shocker. Second callout: Mary Lado, Gina Camacho, Amanda Savell, Gina Aliotti. Third callout: Jennifer Searles, Latisha Wilder, Jessica Paxson, Valerie Waugaman Fourth callout: Michelle Adams, Nina Luchka, Inga Neverauskaite, Tara Scotti. With the callouts, you have to speculate it's coming down to Monica and Jenny -- although Amber could always pull the big upset, she's been a top finisher the past few years. Top four (first callout) just got called out again for the final look. The round is over, winner will be crowned tomorrow night at the Saturday night show.


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