Fitness Olympia and Ms. Olympia: Champs Crowned

The fitness girls are coming out again in their one piece; they were already judged in this piece earlier today, this time around is simply for announcing the winners. The announcement of the top six is close at hand. We just passed 10 p.m. on the West Coast. Fans have gotten a lot of show for the money tonight! The athletes are receiving their participation medals, being presented by Jim Manion. They will be brought back out for the top six presentation in a few minutes. Now, women's bodybuilders are back up for their participation medals. Over $130,000 in prize money up for grabs tonight, combining Fitness and the Ms. O purses. Fitness girls are coming back out now. The top 6 (in no particular order) are: Adela Garcia, Kim Klein, Jen Hendershott, Tanji Johnson, Tracey Greenwood, Julie Palmer. The girls (in one-piece) are now being brought through quarter turns. Now they exit. Ms. O top six (in no particular order): Lisa Aukland, Dayana Cadeau, Iris Kyle, Betty Pariso, Bonny Priest, Annie Riveccio. Now going through quarter turns and mandatory poses. Now, posedown...Van Halen's Panama, if you wanted to know... They file off, the Fitness top six back on stage for the announcement: 6) $2,000, Julie Palmer 5) Tracey Greenwood 4) $6,500 Tanji Johnson, a great finish for her! 3) $9,500 Jen Hendershott. Wow. Took it with grace, what a competitor. 2) $14,500 Kim Klein 1) Adela Garcia wins, and she deserved it. Good choice on behalf of the judges. Congratulations to Adela, she's reclaimed her Olympia Fitness title she last won in 2004 (she was third last year). Hugs and congratulations passed around, Jen takes losing her title like a pro, always a champ even in defeat. All in all, a very top-notch fitness lineup this year. Now, top six in the Ms. O file back on stage. 6) $2,000 Betty Pariso. 5) $4,000 Lisa Aukland 4) $7,000 Bonny Priest 3) Annie Rivieccio 2) Dayana Cadeau 1) Iris Kyle reclaims her Ms. O title she won in 2004, and lost last year. $30,000 check. Biggest surprise in the women's bodybuilding isn't Iris Kyle -- she was a favorite coming in, no doubt about it -- but how about a reigning champ in Yaxeni falling out of the top six? That's a story. But if anyone can bounce back, it's a veteran like Yaxeni. Wouldn't be surprised to see her at the Fitness International, back in her usual high-caliber form. And that's the show. Although we came close to four hours, all in all, first impression was it was cool to see the Mr. O contenders take the stage Friday night. There is nothing more exciting in pro bodybuilding than Mr. O prejudging, getting our first look at the absolute best bodybuilders on the planet. Really looking forward to tomorrow evening's finals. Here are the full results for the Fitness Olympia, based on the scoresheets: 1) Adela Garcia, 35 points 2) Kim Klein, 41 3) Jen Hendershott, 70 4) Tanji Johnson, 89 5) Tracey Greenwood, 106 6) Julie Palmer, 125 7) Julie Childs, 160 8) Angela Monteleone-Semsch, 162 9) Mindi O'Brien, 175 10) Regiane Da Silva, 185 11) Deana Lee, 201 12) Amy Haddad, 222 13) Heidi Fletcher, 256 Ms. O Results: 1) Iris Kyle, 38 2) Dayana Cadeau, 40 3) Annie Riveccio, 52 4) Bonny Priest, 90 5) Lisa Aukland, 92 6) Betty Pariso, 97 7) Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, 110 8) Helen Bouchard, 116 9) Gayle Moher, 137 10) Jitka Harazimova, 165 11) Tazzie Colomb, 167 12) Heather Foster, 172 13) Colette Nelson, 184 14) Dena Westerfield, 210


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