Ironman Comparisons, Prejudging

First, Joel Stubbs comes out, from the Bahamas. He's not on the original competitor list, but must be a last minute addition. This guy has become infamous for his back, and he's trying to bring the rest of his body up to those proportions. So we have 25 competitors total in the Ironman. Now, we get to the heart of the show, the prejudging comparisons. We'll soon have a very good indication who's competing for the top spot. Toney, Silvio and Ahmad were standouts through comparisons. Hidetada should get a look for top five as well. Right now they're running through group comparisons, then we'll get to the all-important first callout. First callout is David Henry, Marcus Haley, Eddie Abbew, Toney Freeman, Mark Dugdale, and Silvio Samuel. Ahmad and Hidetada should be in there ... judges are in error on that. So far, you have to think Toney's going to win it. Toney's probably deservedly in the lead, but the top five spots are key, as they are Olympia spots. So overlooking a guy is critical. The second callout is Hidetada, Omar, Ahmad Haidar, and Joel Stubbs. Ahmad looks great, but the judges don't often reward symmetry and proportion. Hidetada is solid in this group, but his structure isn't quite perfect. Still, they should be fighting for Olympia berths...hopefully they get a callout with some of the first callout participants, but that would be a surprise ... judging doesn't always go like that, and fair looks are sometimes hard to come by. Third callout, Kris Dim, Danielle Secarecci, Moe Elmousauwi, Roc Shabazz. They're completely overlooking Shelestov. That's an oversight. Not that Sergey should win, but the guys who have taken the stage thus far are vying for top 10, and that's an important watermark for a pro. Give the guy a look! Finally, Sergey comes on, with Kjellstrom, Bui, Jason Arntz, and Aiman. Ketchens, McGrath, Mazzotta, Torres, Zittucro now take the callout in a battle to not be in last place.


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