We have a new champ, ladies and gentlemen. Jay Cutler, after numerous second-place finishes, has knocked out Ronnie Coleman. It's pandemonium here at the Orleans Arena. This is an amazing bodybuilding moment. I've got goosebumps. Now Cutler is waving to the crowd, he has the stage to himself. The man has finally achieved his dream. Coleman, who is an exceptional, worthy champion, and is still tied with Lee Haney for winningest Mr. O ever, is devastated. Jay is speaking to the crowd. "This is a day no one thought they'd see. I broke the trend, you know. They said the champ can't be taken out. Well you know what? The new champ's in town. And the Sandow is staying in Las Vegas. And I get to keep my hair." Will you be back? "Of course. I just want to thank Number 1 all the fans. Joe Weider and Ben to give me the opportunity to do all this. There's a lot of talk about other competitive organizations ... but the IFBB is the place. This is where you win Mr. Olympia."


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