Kevin "Full Blown" Levrone NEW MOVIE "I AM"

Kevin Levrone stopped by Jay Cutler's Max Muscle in Venice to say hello and to fill us in on his new movie "I am" now in Post production. He co stars alongside Kiko Ellsworth and Ginny Jones. Kevin plays the character of "Chaos Salaam." The movie I AM (2008) is "the story of a young man who has always been everything to everyone. Marvin “The Great” Pearl is a man who is truly blessed in life and succeeds in everything he pursues; class president, valedictorian and star athlete turned global icon. He is in the midst of beginning his political career when through personal tragedy, or perhaps divine intervention, he finds that he is losing the most important thing in his life. It also happens to be the one thing in this world that he cannot control through his own power. And with the two most powerful words on the planet, I AM, Marvin is confronted with the decision of his life... and death!" The movie trailer looks really good and you can see it here: http://www.themovieiam.com/  Good luck at the box office Kev, I think this one will be a good one to catch. Team Flex.


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