Life at 21100

Hey Folks- Shawn Perine here saying "Whatup" to all my homies out there in Muscleland (not to be confused with Iceland, which is apparently a country). I thought I'd give everyone a glimpse into the goings-on here at Weider HQ. I'm guessing not many of FLEX's readership has gotten the chance to visit our offices (although I hope each of you does get the chance one day). They are pretty spectacular, if you hadn't heard. As I sit here typing to you the calming patter of water cascading down our two-story in-house waterfall lulls me to sleep. I mean awake! Yeah, awake. As Joe Weider is an avid collector of art, particularly Western-themed sculptures, I'm surrounded by an impressive array of depictions of charging cowboys, stoic Indians and burdened horses. There's also a gallery of life-sized portraits of many of our Mr. Olympia winners and some seriously cool bits of strongman memorabilia scattered about. In short, the place is a veritable museum with a decidedly masculine bent. of course, being an equal-opportunity employer here at Weider we hold the gorgeous portrait of Betty Weider now hanging in Dr. Stoppani's office in very high regard too. My cubicle is a panoply of stuff, ranging from my LeRoy Neiman Ali-Holmes poster to a Sergio Oliva that was given to me by Sergio's longtime friend Jack Merjimekian. I also have here my collection of vintage muscle mags, ranging back to a 1910 Physical Culture, Bernarr McFadden's magazine of which Upton Sinclair was a frequent contributor. I'll see if I can get some photos to support my outrageous claims about this place, but assuming you believe me, it is truly amazing. And yes, I do feel a distinct sense of pride each time I enter this hallowed building. Out. Shawn


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